I'm looking for KVM manager that is free, web based, lightweight, and easy to use to manage multiple dedicated server for my personal use. Need the ability to install Windows and Linux on its virtual machine so choosing KVM as the virtualization platform.

If we read the following pages there will be some KVM manager we can choose in accordance with above criteria. After comparing it, the choice narrowed down to WebVirtMgr and Proxmox VE.

I then tried to install both and compare which one is lighter, easier to use or manage, and decided to use WebVirtMgr as my KVM manager.

Why choosing WebVirtMgr over Proxmox VE?

I like the WebVirtMgr idea by having one server (can be a VPS) as a master and the other server as a slave. So I just need to install the panel on KVM VPS and than connect each dedicated server into it. With this our KVM host node will not bloated with unneeded software.

The best things is we can connect to the old KVM host node even we reinstall the KVM manager without configuring anythings.

Well Proxmox VE need to install full package for each server and that's is too bloated for me.

More about WebVirtMgr

The documentations to install WebVirtMgr is pretty complete.