What is Lighttpd?

Lighttpd (or “lighty”) is secure, fast, flexible and high performance web server software developed in 2003 by Jan Kneschke as a proof-of-concept to solve the c10k problem. [...]

What is the C10k problem? How to solve it?

The C10k problem, known as the ten thousand simultaneous connections problem, is a numeronym used to express the limitation that most servers have in [...]

What is DNS? Definition and How DNS works

DNS is a system that converts website URLs into IP addresses. Without DNS, you have to type the complete IP address when you want to visit a website. [...]

What is Nginx? Definition and How it works

What is Nginx? Read "engine-ex", Nginx is an open source web server software. When it was first released, Nginx only functioned as an HTTP [...]

What is Apache? Feature and Apache Performance

The Apache Web Server, commonly called Apache is an open source web server developed and maintained by the open source developer community [...]

Assign Static IPs to KVM guests using DHCP in Proxmox

How to assigning static IP's to KVM guests using DHCP in Proxmox [...]

Install Windows on Any Server using Rescue System and QEMU-KVM

This is how to install Windows on any server using Rescue System and Portable QEMU-KVM. [...]

Auto Backup MySQL Database to FTP Server using cURL

RAID is not a backup. RAID arrays can fail just like single drives, RAID is designed for fault tolerance NOT backups. [...]

Good and lightweight web based KVM manager

KVM manager that is free, web based, lightweight, and easy to use to manage multiple dedicated server for personal use. [...]

Mount remote FTP server as folder on Linux and auto startup it

Sometimes we need to mounting FTP server as folder on Linux and than auto mount it across reboot. [...]