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WP Super Cache Best Settings

I have several clients who use WordPress and to speed up the website loading and saving the server resources then I always install WP Super Cache for them. Here are the best settings for WP Super... Read more →
1 min read

How to install CentOS 7 remotely using VNC

This time I will discuss on how to install CentOS 7 remotely using VNC. There are some differences between installing CentOS 6 and CentOS 7 remotely via VNC due to different versions of grub.... Read more →
4 min read

Danland 7.x has been ported to Drupal 8

Danland's users must have been wondered whether Danland 7.x will be ported to Danland 8.x or not? I always answer Yes, and as promised, now Danland theme has a pre-release version for Drupal 8. You... Read more →
1 min read