Starting today Blogger added some new features, the "Search preferences" that aims to maximize our blogs in search engines. If you care about the ranking of your blog, then this new feature is very exciting news.

Here are the new features are:

Maybe you realize that there is new option in the settings tab, the "Search preferences".

By clicking on it will bring up the three categories, the Meta tags, Errors and redirections, Crawlers and indexing.

For Meta tags category is serve to add a description tags on our blog, by enabling the Meta tags option then everytime we make new article will appear a new option called "Search Description" that allows us to add meta description to any post.

The next category is Errors and redirections, with this feature you can set the message that appears when visitors visit a page that is no longer exists on our blog, the "Page Not Found 404" error, and more helpful is that now we can redirect visitors to a particular page as we wish.

The last feature is Crawlers and indexing, here we can create our own robots.txt and header tags for our blog. It seems that now we can set the label of our blog to got indexed in the search result.

And there is one additional feature on the link tool, where there is a new option, the ability to add rel = "nofollow" on every link.

Blogger is now becoming increasingly intense. Lots of improvements, and all these new features become my favorite.