Fix Various Microsoft Software Connection Problems with VPN

Solutions to fix MS Office, Microsoft Exchange (Outlook), or OneDrive connection issues when VPN is active. [...]

Just switch to using Disqus

Previously I was using Blogger default commenting system, and recently I decided to switch using Disqus. I did this in order to have more organized [...]

Happy new year 2013

Happy new year 2013 everyone. Hopefully this year will be better than last year, we will strive to improve the quality of every aspect of our lives, [...]

Purge all the comments

Recently, I cleaned all of the comments, too many comments are just spamming without giving the slightest value to the post. Comments should provide [...]

Working remotely, it is likely you will be considered as?

Telecommuting or working from home can be enjoyable, but there are potential consequences to anticipate, especially if you reside in an area where [...]

A few things that could cause an over optimization penalty?

I read a good article that explains a few things that could cause an over optimization penalty, the following are the summary of the article. Know [...]

Setting up robots.txt on Blogger

Blogger now allows custom robots.txt, this is very useful because we can set the visibility of our articles on search engines, we can determine [...]

Blogger new features: Search preferences

Starting today Blogger added some new features, the "Search preferences" that aims to maximize our blogs in search engines. If you care [...]

Blogger Dynamic Views and SEO

Previously I was a little worried when switching my blog theme to Blogger Dynamic Views theme, it's because I read many articles if the Dynamic [...]

P5RD1-VM and Windows 7

I have a very old computer, built in 2006 by using Asus P5RD1-VM motherboard and an Intel 2.8GHz processor. This system was built when Windows 7 has [...]