SSL certificate is essential if you want more security for your website, but unfortunately the price of a valid and cheap SSL certificate is rarely to be found. The average price of SSL certificate ranges from $100 - $200, a price that usually can only get the lower-class certificate.

A few days ago, I made an observations to some of SSL Certificate providers out there, where I want the SSL certificate to meet my needs as follows:

  • Multiple Domains (UCC)
  • Wild Card Capability
  • S/MIME Client + Auth / SMTP

And after several days of searching, I finally found a SSL certificate provider that provides features like I was looking for with a very cheap price at only $59.90 for two years. Not only that, they also provide a free SSL certificate, valid for 1 year and can be renewed again.

Company that provide this SSL certificate is StartCom Ltd, which is an Israel-based company and founded by Eddy Nigg. Get your cheap or free SSL certificate here.

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