Many individuals consider Google to be the premier search engine, and some search engine experts have suggested that users generally perceive Google's results as superior. This perception may lead people to believe that search results displaying the Google logo are inherently better than those with Yahoo or Bing logos. The question arises: is this perception purely a result of branding, and could it be that people are conditioned to associate Google with the best search experience?

To explore this, you can use the BlindSearch tool. This tool, developed by Michael Kordahi, provides search results from Google, Yahoo, and Bing in three columns without disclosing which column corresponds to which search engine. It offers a unique opportunity to assess whether users can accurately identify the search engine delivering the best results when branding is removed.

It's worth noting that Michael Kordahi, the creator of BlindSearch, is an employee of Microsoft, but he has made it clear that the tool is not affiliated with his employer. By using BlindSearch, you can observe the outcomes and determine whether, without the influence of branding, Google still stands out as the preferred search engine. Explore the tool to find the answer to these intriguing questions.