Google indexes the content inside an iframe

Perhaps you already know if Google does not index the content inside an iframe, so the comments from Disqus or Facebook is not indexed.

But now Google has started indexing the content inside an iframe, I realized this today when I checked the HTMLy blog demo, Danlogs.

The blogs using Disqus comments, and it turns out all the comments on the blog indexed by Google. A certainly good news for Disqus users.

For Facebook comments, I have not yet figured out its already indexed or not, but it should also being indexed because it uses an iframe as well.

Google Penguin 2.1 is active

Google has released an update to the Google Penguin algorithm , the Penguin version 2.1. Matt Cutts himself who announced via Twitter, the following is Matt's tweet:

I do not see a significant effect with the 2.1 release of Google Penguin in all of my website/blog.

Now Adsense support HTTPS site

After a long-awaited, Adsense now supports HTTPS sites, the following is the official announcement from Google Adsense blog:

Inside AdSense: Use AdSense on your HTTPS sites: Today, we're happy to announce that AdSense publishers can begin monetizing their HTTPS pages. Many websites, like e-commerce sites and social networking sites, use the HTTPS protocol to protect their users' sensitive data. If you have a HTTPS website you’ll be pleased with how easy it is to monetize using AdSense.

Good news if your site is using HTTPS protocol.