Metropolis 6.x-1.2 and Metropolis 7.x-1.1 released

A few weeks ago Metropolis 6.x-1.2 and Metropolis 7.x-1.1 has been released, and so far no bugs found, great!

Not like Danland, Metropolis is a project of the company I work for (read my About page). Designed by Kenneth Riber Andersen, and coded by me.

Before releasing version 7.x-1.1, actually we already releasing the 7.x-1.0 version, but we found a critical bug in Metropolis 7.x-1.0 and must fixed it as soon as possible. You can see any changes of the project codes here.

Download Metropolis 6.x-1.2 and Metropolis 7.x-1.1, and go here for the Metropolis theme demo.

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