Bluemarine Drupal theme

If you ever used Drupal 6 you must know with the Bluemarine theme which is one of a few theme that included with Drupal 6. And for users of Drupal 7, you can also use it because the theme now live as a contributed theme.

I personally have very special memories with this theme, why? I first learned to make Drupal theme based on the Bluemarine theme.

Bluemarine currently managed by John Albin, and is now being sought who will maintain it to make Bluemarine still evolving, this theme has its own history of Drupal, so the existence is worth to thinking about.

Interested to become its maintainer? you can visit this page.

Country specific domain that are treats as generic

With more and more websites are created, then the Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) such as .com, .net, or .org that are nice, short and in accordance with your business becomes much less.

Of course we can switch to using Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) such as .jp, .de, .ca or any others ccTLDs that corresponding to your country, but it would be a problem if you do not target your site for a specific geographic.

The solution is to select the ccTLDs that are treats as gTLDs:


Regional top-level domains (rTLDs) such as .eu, .asia will always treated as gTLDs. For more details you can read the Webmaster Tools Help related to Geotargetable domains here.

Note: Above list updated on July-22-2011 by Google, and the list may change over time.

Drupal 7.5 and Drupal 7.7 released

Today has released Drupal 7.5 and Drupal 7.7. Do you feel strange why there are two versions released simultaneously? is because each version has a different purposes.

For Drupal 7.5 only contains a security fixes in Drupal core, while Drupal 7.7 contains bug fixes and security fixes, so you can decide whether simply want to improve safety on the Drupal core only or choose to install a version that contains security fixes as well as bug fixes.

How about the Drupal 7.6?

Nothing is different between versions 7.6 and 7.7, its only a fixed VERSION string. For more details about both release you can read the Drupal 7.5 changelog and Drupal 7.7 changelog.

Download Drupal 7.7 here.

Metropolis Drupal theme demo

Metropolis is the first free Drupal theme from the company where I work now, so far the response from users is quite good, even better than my first Drupal theme.

This theme is the beginning of our plan, and at least all goes well, there are many things that we want to achieve related to Drupal.

For this theme we already provided a demo site, and this demo site will not only be used for the Metropolis theme, but also used by our another free themes in near future.