XPS Annotator can't print specific page

Current version of the XPS Annotator (version 1.22) will not allow you to print specific pages, you must print the entire document, this is XPS Annotator 1.22 limitation.

In the upcoming release, this problem should be resolved. It has been more than a year I did not update my software to a newer version, why? I never received a complaint that there is an error in the XPS Annotator, so could be considered if it has been very stable.

I will release a new version if there is an error fixes and feature additions. For a reminder if XPS Annotator has reached 50K of downloads on CNET.

Danetsoft on social networking sites

Social networking sites are a powerful tool to enhance your company branding, with the better known it can increase customer confidence. Therefore, a few days ago I made ​​an account at social networking site like Twitter, Facebook page, and LinkedIn for my personal company; Danetsoft.

I want to take Danetsoft to the next level, and improve our service to our clients, and increasing the branding is one of a few things that we must do. Of course, enhance branding is one example, for instance a few weeks ago we moved our servers to a new server to get a better uptime.

You can visit our account on social networking sites we've created some time ago: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Library: A Drupal module for librarian

Creating a loan library site using Drupal is straight forward since lot of modules that can helps us to creating that. We can use popular modules like Views, CCK, Content Access, Date, and Rules. But if you want more simple solutions (no need to configuring lot of settings), you can use Library module.

I already try the Library module on client site and it work great, yes even the module only have the development release. With the use of Views and CCK, the loan library site can easily created to meet the client needs.

Visit the module project page to learn more about the Library module.

Firebug Lite: The must have web development tool

Lots of questions and issues that made ​​for a contributed themes on Drupal.org related to the changes in layout and CSS, and most questions actually can be solved by your own with just installing a tiny plug-in for your browser. This plug-in allows you to debugging, editing, and monitoring of any website's CSS, HTML, DOM, and JavaScript.

By asking, the time will be wasted because you have to wait someone to answer it. You can installing the Firebug Lite to resolve your problems quickly. The Firebug Lite compatible with all major browsers: IE6+, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome, so you just need installing one plug-in for any browser installed in your computer.

Note: if you are using Google Chrome you do not need to install any plug-in since it has a built-in web development tool, but you can also installing the Firebug Lite if you do not like the built-in feature provide by Google Chrome.

Download the Firebug Lite.

Google Adsense quite promising

I always like new things, last year I decided to try Google Adsense in one of my website that is www.xpsdev.com. You can read my post about this.

There are interesting things here, after several months had passed, I found the average daily income is about 5-10 USD. Previously I was not aware about this, since I am very rarely update the site, the last post I publish was on Tue, 11/09/2010.

Quite interesting because visitors of the website is less than 750 visitors per day.