System & Method using Drupal

System & Method is developer and international distributor of the IceBreak and BlueSeries product lines. Established June 1st 1989 and have achieved a profound knowledge of the IBM i™ (AS/400) platform.

After doing a research, they decided to using Drupal for their main website, Drupal is extremely powerful and virtually has no limit, so Drupal is a perfect platform to support their long term plans. There are many modules that are used on the website, such as Views, Domain Access and several contribute modules.

Danland reaching the 6K milestone

This week Danland reaching the 6K milestone, yes the theme now used by more than 6000 Drupal sites. Danland is the first theme made by Indonesian people are able to go this far. With age less than one year, reaching the 6K of users is a pretty good achievement for a Drupal contribute theme.

Lots of changes and development conducted in Danland since the first release, but I still maintain it simplicity. For the next versions later there will be some development that adds functionality to Danland, so wait for my next release.

Long life for Danland!

Users of the XPS Annotator

Some time ago one of my software (XPS Annotator) receive an acknowledgment from one of the most trusted download site in the world. At this time I will highlight the number of users of the XPS Annotator.

On CNET site, the number of downloads to date has reached around 37.181. Signed rank fifteenth in Document Management Software, and the average number of downloads per week was 1.363 download.

While on, the number of downloads has reached more than fifty thousand downloads, and was ranked first in Document Management Software (Sort by Popularity).

I just took samples from two sites, and I think that’s enough to give you an illustration.

ImageCache working on IIS and no clean URL support

Below are the requirements of the ImageCache module:

ImageCache requires that you:
  • Install and enable ImageAPI module *and* one of its toolkits (GD or ImageMagick)
  • Install and enable Transliteration module
  • Clean URL support or Private Files

Clean URL support? how if I am using the IIS server for my Drupal site? or if Mod-Rewrite in my Apache server not enabled?

First you can use additional module (IIS Mod-Rewrite) to make ImageCache work on IIS server but the module is not free, you need to buy a license before you can use this.

Second, you can make ImageCache working without clean URL by changing some of the ImageCache module core. Read this comment to make ImageCache working with no clean URL support.

Setup the Superfish menu on Danland 7.x

Superfish is an enhanced Suckerfish-style menu jQuery plugin that takes an existing pure CSS drop-down menu, below are the step by step to configuring the Superfish menu on Danland Drupal 7 theme:

  1. Build a standard drupal menu. Set the correct levels to "expanded" (the parent item).
  2. Disable Main menu in the Danland theme settings.
  3. Place the Main menu block in the Superfish menu region. Your menu will be automatically rendered as a drop-down menu.
  4. To modify the animation style and speed please see Superfish menu page