Microsoft plans Windows 8 in 2012

Age of Windows 7 was not yet 1 year, but Microsoft is aiming to release the Windows 8 in the year 2012.

This rumor originated from an article from the Microsoft Kitchen Blog, the article shows the roadmap which clearly visible on the list in 2012 is the timeframe for Windows 8's release.

There is no additional information, only shows a plan from Microsoft, and Microsoft also has not issued an official statement about this news. However, there are signs to over there, it can be seen Microsoft has started to recruit talent to build their new operating system is. At the beginning of this month, a list needed work at Microsoft indicates Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Group would begin focusing on Windows 8.

Looks like this time Microsoft is making SP1 for Windows 7, and plans to release the beta version in January 2010, for OEMs in the summer and to the public in the fall.

In connection with the sale of Windows 7, Microsoft claims that sales of Windows 7 is now more than two times compared with the operating system ever. Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer said Microsoft is off to a "fantastic start" with Windows 7.

Tales from Danang Probo Sayekti

This story begins when I can not make a software yet. At the end of 2005, I bought a computer, the components of the computer is my own choice, such as CD-Rom, Casing, Stabilizer, RAM, Matherboard, Processor and others. So my computer is a computer assembly and not from the factory. Cheap price but has a very good performance.

In the early days have a computer, I use the computer just to make the tasks and play games. I still remember those games that I played before, like NFS Most Wanted, Doom 3, FEAR and many other games.

When bored with it all, then I move on to play with the operating system, I am using Windows XP. First I created scripts as simple as making "Empty Recyle Bin" with a right click, change the look of Windows XP like Vista since the first installation and others.

And at the end of 2007, I accidentally read an article in a magazine which deals with software to create a software, namely Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2. In the article it was reported that the magazine gave a demo DVD for those who buy the magazine. I then asked permission to the owner of the magazine to borrow the DVD. When I got home, then I install the software. First I was confused, then I'm looking for references on the internet about the use of software and programming languages via the internet.

There are 3 programming languages supported by Visual Studio 2008, namely Visual Basic, C++, and C#. I chose to learn C #. After about 3 months using the beta version, the trial of the software had expired, I was confused but after searching on the internet there was a free version of Visual Studio 2008, the Express version.

By not wasting time, I immediately downloaded the free version. After a year learning about programming languages I am finally able to make a software. In early 2009 I began to publish the software.

As long as we try in earnest, there is nothing impossible in this world.

Note: Use Google Translate to translate into other languages.

Creating a Blog

While this may be normal if we have a blog, the blog now is like an email address, in which every person who has it a lot. To create a blog actually very easy, even for common people.

Many free services that provide services to create a blog, they also provide a free subdomain. Examples of these free services are WordPress and Blogger.

How to make blogs using these free services? This time I will give a tutorial how to create a blog using Google's free service like Blogger. The steps to create a blog:

  1. Create an account at if you do not have a Gmail account.
  2. Visit
  3. Clik the link "Create a Blog".
  4. In the next steps later you will be asked to fill in the name of your blog, your blog address and the theme of your blog.
  5. Click "Create".

Congratulations, you have created blogs. Happy Blogging!

Blogger "Next Blog" Feature Improvement

Blogger team seems endlessly adding new features or make improvements to the Blogger (

On Blogger, one characteristic is the NavBar, the NavBar provides navigation links like: Search, Follow, Report and Next Blog. This time is fixed by the Blogger team is a feature of "Next Blog". Before enhanced, when we click "Next Blog" the blog will switch to the new blog is taken at random, and sometimes it is very confusing because sometimes the language used in these blogs we do not know, or blogs that appear inconsistent with our tastes.

Blogger team knows the weakness of this feature, then they adjust the language and the types of blogs that we read when we click "Next Blog".

Facts About Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS is the operating system (OS) which was created by Google. Google Chrome OS designed for notebook and an open source OS like Linux.

According to Google as the creator of this OS, Google Chrome OS targeted market supply in mid-2010.

The main aspects of the Google Chrome OS are the speed, convenience and safety. User interface of the OS is very minimalist and Google has re-design to make it more secure from viruses and malware attacks. Google Chrome OS running on x86 and ARM chips, and the Google is also working with other manufacturers so that they can meet the target for Google Chrome OS publish next year.

For software developers, platform from Google Chrome is a Web OS Platform. All software applications based on Web platform will be able to run on Google Chrome OS.