Setting up robots.txt on Blogger

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Blogger now allows custom robots.txt, this is very useful because we can set the visibility of our articles on search engines, we can determine whether the article will be indexed by search engines... more

Blogger new features: Search preferences

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Starting today Blogger added some new features, the "Search preferences" that aims to maximize our blogs in search engines. If you care about the ranking of your blog, then this new feature is very... more

Cheap or even free SSL certificate

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SSL certificate is essential if you want more security for your website, but unfortunately the price of a valid and cheap SSL certificate is rarely to be found. The average price of SSL certificate... more

XPS Annotator has made a new history

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Finally ..

Blogger Dynamic Views and SEO

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Previously I was a little worried when switching my blog theme to Blogger Dynamic Views theme, it's because I read many articles if the Dynamic Views theme is not SEO friendly. But I decided to... more

P5RD1-VM and Windows 7

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I have a very old computer, built in 2006 by using Asus P5RD1-VM motherboard and an Intel 2.8GHz processor. This system was built when Windows 7 has not been released so that the default driver of... more

Overcome the effects of Panda in our life

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I see a lot of sites affected by Panda, if you rely on Google traffic of course your life would be a nightmare.. and than how to overcome the effects of Panda in our life? to start is not as... more