Drupal 7 RC1

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Perhaps the most eagerly awaited lately by the users of Drupal is the Drupal 7 RC1. If Drupal 7 has reached RC version, then: The API is frozen.All markup is frozen.The UI is frozen.The theme system... more

Slideshow for your Drupal site

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There are many ways that we can do to attract attention of the reader or visitor, one of which is to create an attractive appearance on our website. Of course, the content of our website is the most... more

Choose a custom Drupal theme with caution

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The needs for Drupal developers and Drupal theme makers seem to continue to increase from year to year. This is in line with the growing popularity of Drupal among site owners and companies. As we... more

Drupal starter themes

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To facilitate the development of a theme, sometimes we need a starter theme for accelerating the development process, especially if we have a limited time. With a starter theme, the development will... more

Know the popularity of modules and themes before using it

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Prior to select the module or theme, there is much to consider. One who deserves to consider is the amount of usage of the module or theme we want to use, more and more users the more visible the... more

Stop spam on Drupal based site

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Overcoming spam in Drupal website is a work that is sometimes quite time-consuming. Spam also increases caused by the search engines like Google with its PageRank, which makes website owners do... more


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This description comes from CiviCRM project page at Drupal.org: CiviCRM is the first open source and freely downloadable constituent relationship management solution. CiviCRM is web-based, open... more

Ongoing Drupal projects

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At this time till December there are three projects that I handled. Currently I'm working on a project by utilizing the Domain Access module, and for the next project is to create a website using... more

Take a screenshot from a web pages

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Take a screenshot from a web pages or your own website is something usual, generally that is by pressing the Print Screen button on your keyboard keys and then paste it into image editor like... more

Save your server by enabling page cache on Drupal website

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In Drupal, there is a very useful feature to reduce the load on the server every time there are anonymous visitors coming, the feature is page cache. Every time someone comes to your website, then... more