XPSDev.com Press Release

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Yesterday we made a new website, the name of our new website is XPSDev. The website is central to the development of the XPS Annotator, our products such as Danet Studio you can also meet there.... more

Happy New Year 2010

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Year 2009 is going to end, many important things in the year 2009 and I will never forget the memories in the year 2009. Hopefully later in the year 2010, life will be better than in 2009. Lots of... more

XPS Document Viewer for Windows XP

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People who still use Windows XP for now is still very much, even users of Windows Vista or 7 still losing a lot when compared with Windows XP. As we saw earlier that Microsoft create a new document... more

Google Chrome (BETA) for Mac

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After eagerly awaited by many Mac users, finally now the beta version of Google Chrome is available and can be downloaded. Google's Chrome much discussed, it is because Google claims that the Google... more

Backing up your blog on Blogger

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Me on Twitter

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This is my Twitter account. Here you can find a variety of information relating to all things when I surf the Internet. You can find the latest news related to my software, like any new updates,... more

Drupal Conquered Government Agencies

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Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition

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The word "Free" apparently does not exist in Microsoft dictionary. Yes Microsoft is very rarely give software for free they are made. Their software such as Windows OS or Microsoft Office requires... more