Happy New Year 2010

Year 2009 is going to end, many important things in the year 2009 and I will never forget the memories in the year 2009.

Hopefully later in the year 2010, life will be better than in 2009. Lots of important moments that occurred in 2009, like my marriage, my first software, and many important events that really changed my life path.

Sometimes I ask myself "Is everything had gone as I expected? And what should I improve and I get next year?", maybe it was the questions that now many people think.

I always thank God for giving me life like now.

Happy New Year!!

XPS Annotator 1.22 Available in January 2010

Currently we continue to develop the XPS Annotator. In the latest version later (version 1.22), we will add feature to change the color of the highlight annotations on the XPS document. We have made a version that already has the ability to provide colors other than yellow, and now we're testing the stability of the XPS Annotator 1.22.

Finally we can meet many requests that want XPS Annotator can change the color of highlight annotations.

Me on Twitter

This is my Twitter account. Here you can find a variety of information relating to all things when I surf the Internet.

You can find the latest news related to my software, like any new updates, errors or tips on how to use my software correctly. Or you can get news related to my software.

Understandably just because sometimes I do not have much time to make the article, so I often use Twitter to update the latest news from all of my products.

Creating a Blog

While this may be normal if we have a blog, the blog now is like an email address, in which every person who has it a lot. To create a blog actually very easy, even for common people.

Many free services that provide services to create a blog, they also provide a free subdomain. Examples of these free services are WordPress and Blogger.

How to make blogs using these free services? This time I will give a tutorial how to create a blog using Google's free service like Blogger. The steps to create a blog:

  1. Create an account at www.gmail.com if you do not have a Gmail account.
  2. Visit www.blogger.com.
  3. Clik the link "Create a Blog".
  4. In the next steps later you will be asked to fill in the name of your blog, your blog address and the theme of your blog.
  5. Click "Create".

Congratulations, you have created blogs. Happy Blogging!

Convert XPS document to image files

Since version 1.20, XPS Annotator already includes a feature to convert the XPS document to image file (PNG).

You can download the XPS Annotator for free if you do not have the XPS Annotator yet.

To convert the XPS document to image files is easy by using the XPS Annotator. Here are the steps:

  1. Run XPS Annotator.
  2. Open your XPS Document by using XPS Annotator.
  3. On the File menu, click Save as Image.
  4. Determine where and the name of the image file and then click Save.