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One of my personal project using Pagedown 1 for the markdown editor, so this is a working solutions and not just an example. I use jQuery UI and jQuery.AjaxFileUpload.js. 2 First we creating the

Sometimes we need to hide our IP address for security, if we use Cloudflare we need to create separate email server so our IP site origin will keep hidden. The following is how to to remove client

I have several boxes using RAID controller from LSI brands. And of course, sometimes we need to know important information about our disks, let say disk health status. When using Software RAID then

From Blogger to HTMLy

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After almost 5 years using Blogger, a few days ago I decided to move the platform to HTMLy an open source databaseless blogging platform (Flat-File Blog). Yes, I am the HTMLy project lead so it's

When ordering dedicated server sometimes we only got 1 IPv4, but that's enough, we can using NAT for container with IP Tables and HAProxy to creating many OpenVZ VPS inside our dedicated server. yum

Perhaps you already know if Google does not index the content inside an iframe, so the comments from Disqus or Facebook is not indexed. But now Google has started indexing the content inside an

There are times when we just want to write without having to think about site management, for example upgrading to the latest version (core and plugin), for this purpose I developed a blogging

Updating Discourse on CentOS

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I have one forum using Discourse, as a test for this new platform, for OS I use CentOS. Discourse official documentation to updating the site is using Ubuntu so there are a few changes need to be

Google Penguin 2.1 is active

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Google has released an update to the Google Penguin algorithm , the Penguin version 2.1. Matt Cutts himself who announced via Twitter, the following is Matt's tweet: Penguin 2.1 launching today.

Now Adsense support HTTPS site

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After a long-awaited, Adsense now supports HTTPS sites, the following is the official announcement from Google Adsense blog: Inside AdSense: Use AdSense on your HTTPS sites: Today, we're happy to