Users of the XPS Annotator

Some time ago one of my software (XPS Annotator) receive an acknowledgment from one of the most trusted download site in the world. At this time I will highlight the number of users of the XPS Annotator.

On CNET site, the number of downloads to date has reached around 37.181. Signed rank fifteenth in Document Management Software, and the average number of downloads per week was 1.363 download.

While on, the number of downloads has reached more than fifty thousand downloads, and was ranked first in Document Management Software (Sort by Popularity).

I just took samples from two sites, and I think that’s enough to give you an illustration.

XPS Annotator Book

I found this book accidentally, and it's weird for me because there is a book about my software. So what's wrong with that? I think XPS Annotator is just an ordinary but it's not because there is a book about it :)

I feel glad even this book is not directly talk about XPS Annotator but the technologies used by XPS Annotator itself. Hmm.. very curious about its contents :)

Below are the details of the XPS Annotator book:

  • Title: XPS Annotator.
  • Paperback: 80 pages.
  • Publisher: VDM Publishing House.
  • Language: English.

XPS Annotator is an XPS document management software that allows you to vewing, creating, annotating, converting, digital signaturing, and printing an XPS documents. More on Wikipedia..

Interested about the book? visit this link for more info.

XPS Annotator is more Sharepoint friendly

I found an interesting facts related to the XPS document on Sharepoint, you can read the issue here. He is using Microsoft XPS Viewer to open and digitally signs an XPS document but he found the following facts:

  • XPS documents are not signed while the signing process has been done before.
  • The XPS document is locked on a server.
  • All document properties (metadata) are set to its default values.

He assumed that this was because Microsoft XPS viewer uses XPS document location for its temporary files, while updating the document it creates at least two temporary files in Sharepoint library, thus resulting in problems such as above.

But when he used the XPS Annotator, he did not experience such problems like when he used the Microsoft XPS Viewer. So can be concluded that currently the XPS Annotator is more Sharepoint friendly.

Split XPS Merge is hijacked

As a software developer, is a regular thing if the software we've made were hijacked by irresponsible people. This happened on my latest software, Split XPS Merge.

Of course there are disappointment feelings, but it is a consequence of the work I do now. I know this fact approximately one week after the software was released, though the price of the Split XPS Merge only $ 24.9.

I can not imagine how the losses suffered by Adobe or Microsoft because of piracy, which would exceed the number of millions of dollars.