Go Social to Increase SERP

A few days ago I tried to make Facebook page and Google+ page for one of my website, but this time I did not use the domain name but the global keywords from the site.

After watching it in few days, the effect is very good and in a few days my site was immediately occupied the second page in the SERP (Google and Bing), previously possible on pages 10 or even more.

It was true that the SERP is now influenced by social media, so you should go social to increase the SERP and to obtain new sources of traffic, diversification is important for your long term benefit.

A few things that could cause an over optimization penalty?

I read a good article that explains a few things that could cause an over optimization penalty, the following are the summary of the article.

What could cause an over optimization penalty:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Redirect several domains to one site
  • Same / similar anchor in backlinks
  • Same Niche same server
  • Doorway / thin affiliate
  • Link schemes / cheap backlink packages

Overcome the effects of Panda in our life

I see a lot of sites affected by Panda, if you rely on Google traffic of course your life would be a nightmare.. and than how to overcome the effects of Panda in our life? to start is not as difficult as you think.

Here are some of my opinions about how to eliminate your dependence on Google:

  1. Uninstall your Google toolbar or any other similar tool.
  2. Do not get stuck in the optimization process related to the text and link.
  3. Treat the visitors as once in a life time opportunity.
  4. Make sure that a new visitor to your site has lots of reasons to remember you.

The main goal is how we can make a free Google visitor a visitor that remembers us without needing Google again so although the Panda is raging, our lives will not be affected. Good luck!