How do I increase my PageRank from 0 to 8 easily?

I am writing this because I ever promised to share how I raise the PageRank of my blog easily from 0 to 8 for, or from 0 to 6 for that was still less than two weeks old.

PageRank 8 is a level difficult to achieve, if you rely solely on the blog article you must be the same level with,, or who always provide the latest news and quality information, so many other sites and blogs gives a link on a voluntary basis, and it must take a long time and spend no small amount of money.

As a newbie I did something slightly different to increase the Google PageRank of my website, here are some things I do:

  • Writing content that is unique (though rarely updated).
  • Make a popular free theme for getting backlinks.

From the two points above the most difficult is to make a popular free theme. Creating a theme is my job so gained a high Google PageRank is just a bonus.

The meaning of Danetsoft word

Name is very important thing, I always choose a name with caution and not rush in deciding what name would I use, likewise in choosing a website and company name like Danetsoft. So what is the meaning of Danetsoft word?

Danetsoft word comes from some fragment of word, Da-Net-Soft. And each syllable has its own meaning:

  • Da is derived from the first two letters of my first name.
  • Net is from Internet.
  • Soft is from Software.

So the word Danetsoft could be interpreted as Dan's company or website that do business in the field of Internet and software.

Danetsoft on social networking sites

Social networking sites are a powerful tool to enhance your company branding, with the better known it can increase customer confidence. Therefore, a few days ago I made ​​an account at social networking site like Twitter, Facebook page, and LinkedIn for my personal company; Danetsoft.

I want to take Danetsoft to the next level, and improve our service to our clients, and increasing the branding is one of a few things that we must do. Of course, enhance branding is one example, for instance a few weeks ago we moved our servers to a new server to get a better uptime.

You can visit our account on social networking sites we've created some time ago: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Work from home

Telecommuting is a work that workers gain flexibility in terms of place and time. Telecommuting can be done from anywhere, such as houses, cafes, or other locations. Like the motto often pronounced "work is something you do, not something you travel to".

Since the year 2009 I decided to work from home as a freelancer, and in 2010 I decided to accept the offer to work full-time at Danish IT company as a web developer, themer and web consultant, of course I still accept any freelance work through Danetsoft.

There are several main reason why I chose to work long-distance model (foreign companies):

  • Not limited by place and time.
  • Salaries are standardized with foreign IT workers.

For salaries, indeed in Indonesia is still far behind but if you want to become an entrepreneur can certainly be another outcome.