My Personal Projects

Metropolis Drupal theme

Metropolis is a nice Drupal theme, with a very strong corporate feel, the theme is great choice for your business website. Although this theme also very suitable for use in blogs, e-commerce site and... Read more →
1 min read

Simpler Drupal theme

Simpler is my first Drupal theme, created in February 18, 2010. To get a CVS account, I submit this theme to the Drupal community. First it use table but when final release I convert it to table-less... Read more →
1 min read

Danland Drupal theme

Danland is my third theme that I contributed to, and when this article was created, Danland is the most popular theme I have ever made. Danland was inspired by one of website design by... Read more →
1 min read

XPS Annotator 1.22 Available in January 2010

Currently we continue to develop the XPS Annotator. In the latest version later (version 1.22), we will add feature to change the color of the highlight annotations on the XPS document. We have made... Read more →
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