Drupal 7.9 released!

Drupal community released Drupal 7.9, the latest release is mainly to fix bugs found in the OpenID and some other small bugs. Apart from bug fixes there are also several additional new features, read the release note for more information about this release.

The last release was on 1 September 2011 and version 7.9 is almost two months later, it is recommended to upgrade your site to Drupal 7 so it will be easier for you to maintain your site in the future.

Download Drupal 7.9 here.

PayPal and eBay using Drupal

After previously Twitter using Drupal now X.commerce which is the developer community of PayPal, eBay and Magento also using Drupal and follow many companies that have previously been using Drupal for their developer community site like Symantec or DivX.

Drupal is the right choice if you want a large-scale sites and not just a blog. Congratulations to the Drupal community.

Is Backlinks and PR still important?

With many development carried out by Google on his algorithm in order to rank a site in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) with more accurate, then a lot of speculation about how Google rank a site these days.

Examples of such speculation is that the backlinks and PR is not important anymore, or linking is not a factor and only On Page Optimization is the factor. But is it all true? and I think an answers that can be trusted is the answer from Google's own employees.

You can visit this page that discusses backlinks and PageRank that are answered directly by Google's employees Susan Moskwa.