using Drupal

Drupal is very popular among government, many government websites using Drupal such as,, and others. Not just among goverment, but Drupal is also very popular among enterprise, recently even Twitter uses Drupal.

A few days ago, also switched to using Drupal because it provides more scalable and flexible architecture compared to another, and saving taxpayers more than $10 million annually. This completes the Drupal wins in government. Congrats for the Drupal community.

You can read the announcement made by here, and see the new Drupal website here.

Google updating its PageRank again on August 4th

On August 4th 2011, looks like Google updating its PageRank again, I found some of my sites PR increased. This is unconventional, does Google changed their habits that are generally updated its PageRank between three to four months to become more frequent?

Yes maybe now Google will display the PR changes as often as possible, let say once a month. I also experienced many changes in my inner pages, a popular article suddenly increases its PageRank.

Surprisingly there are a few domains that I register barely in a very short time its PageRank increased to PR6, or maybe its just a glitch.

The state of Drupal 2011 survey

Dries yesterday made an announcement about State of Drupal 2011 survey. This survey is crucial, since it will guide thousands of people in the Drupal community over the next two years.

If you care about Drupal is expected that you want to participate, the time needed to complete the survey are also very brief, less than ten minutes.

Share the survey with other Drupal users in your organization or with your Drupal friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. You can take the State of Drupal 2011 survey here.

Domain hack is a pleasure

Domain hack is a pleasure, even domain hack could be a lucrative business for the domainer, because sometimes the prices can be much higher, i.e. compared with prices.

Domain hack could mean combining the type of top level domain to pronounce certain words or keywords, e.g., And the most popular domain type to use is the ccTLDs, like .me, .it because it is very short and widely used in a dictionary words so it's easy to find the right words or keywords.

For the domain hack, I prefer to use the ccTLDs already considered as gTLDs by Google so it can be used haphazardly, not limited by a particular country. Domain .la is for Laos, but popular in some countries due .la could be interpreted as Los Angeles or Latin America.

Danland reaching the 8K milestone

Yay! Danland reaching the 8K of users. Every week the users of Danland increasing, maybe its because of Danland is so easy to modify and very stable, like you can see if I release the stable version of Danland 7.x on January 6th, so only one day gap with final version of Drupal 7.

For both Drupal versions (Drupal 6.x and Drupal 7.x) already used by more than 4K of sites, so the total for both version is more than 8K of users.