Show your talent through the Drupal project

Is a distinct satisfaction when your work is used by someone else, here I'll give you some resources you need to read to promote your works via

As a start, here's a pages you should read:

I began to actively contribute since a year ago and I've got a lot of valuable rewards from what I do, open source really changed my life so much better, and now is your turn to start.

Ogle+ inspired by Google+

Yesterday I bought a new domain, because many people talk about Google+ (Google Plus), then I have an idea related to Google+, I bought Ogle Plus or Ogle+.

In the future, I'm sure if Google+ will be one of Google's flagship product so the decision to buy Ogle+ (Ogle Plus) I think it would be advantageous.

I myself still do not know for sure the origins of the word Google, the word Google probably is derived from two words "Go Ogle", you can read the Ogle word mean here.

Acquia redesign their website

Since yesterday Acquia has a new appearance, and their new look is more elegant than their previous appearance, great job!

Acquia was co-founded by Dries Buytaert, a familiar name if you are a Drupal user, if you confess as a Drupal user and do not know his name then you're truly a liar, it's like you forgot your father's name :) and for those of you who are not familiar with Dries, you can visit this page.

For the theme, they use the Omega base theme by Jake Strawn and Sebastian Siemssen. For more details why Acquia chose this theme can be found here. the new Google URL Shortener

You must already know that Google has its own URL Shortener which was released in December 2009, and maybe even you are one of the users.

And yesterday Google announced that they has purchased which is their new URL Shortener that will only link to official Google products and services. It is estimated that the price of is about $1.5 million.

What about 

Gary Briggs wrote:

There’s no need to fret about the fate of; we like it as much as you do, and nothing is changing on that front. It will continue to be our public URL shortener that anybody can use to shorten URLs across the web.

It seems now Google is doing a massive changes to all its products, perhaps this is one of Google's plan to beat Facebook on Social Media.

Now I was in Drupal Services Directory

Everyone will want to admit its existence, indeed existence is an addictive. Drupal also has a special place for individuals and companies who already admit to its contribution to the Drupal project, the Drupal Services Directory.

There are several aspects that must be met if we want to be listed in Drupal Services, you can read it here. Why is hard for me to get listed in the Services Directory is due to my new membership less than 1.5 years, whereas contributors to consider is at least for 5 years or more with enough contributions.

However, my hard work during a year already meet the criteria required, how much my contribution and community involvement can be found in my previous article about Certified to Rock.

And since yesterday, I was using the name Danetsoft finally listed in Drupal Services Directory and join the individuals and companies worldwide recognized by the Drupal community to its existence. Visit my personal company profile here.