My own URL shortener

Yesterday I launch my own URL shortener and use the Dot IM domain for this purposes, a three letters domain name. Since this is an online links dictionary so I pick DIC as the domain name.

On homepage, I list the most recent links added to the database so it will look like on Twitter or Facebook status page. Maybe someday I will make it public use since currently is still for personal use limited to my own sites.

Now I am a Drupal Certified To Rock 7

I was quite surprised to know that my CTR level currently is 7 which is updated on the 16th of May. Become an active member / contributor about a year and has already reached that level is a fantastic achievement. See the result here.

From the existing data below can be seen that the members of which have level 7 and above is just 216 peoples from more than 80 thousand members, so level 7 is a big WOW! :)

Count of rockstars CTR Level
8 11
9 10
13 9
46 8
140 7
326 6
333 5
801 4
12203 3
41556 2
26577 1

You can read the complete data here.

The point of Certified to Rock is for determining community involvement and not supposed to be a tool to rank developer skill.

Note: The CTR level is updated approximately every 4 months, and the value can change at any time, it might be reduced or increased.

Yesterday I had purchased Dot IM is a National Top Level Domain of Isle of Man, a self-governing crown dependency located Within the British Isles, and the authorities are, the domain is managed on a daily basis by Domicilium (IOM) Limited.

I am very interested because it is very easy to remember, short and have a letter that is widely used as an abbreviation, so it can be very flexible. Currently I have not used this domain, but I already have future plans concerning this domain.

The meaning of Danetsoft word

Name is very important thing, I always choose a name with caution and not rush in deciding what name would I use, likewise in choosing a website and company name like Danetsoft. So what is the meaning of Danetsoft word?

Danetsoft word comes from some fragment of word, Da-Net-Soft. And each syllable has its own meaning:

  • Da is derived from the first two letters of my first name.
  • Net is from Internet.
  • Soft is from Software.

So the word Danetsoft could be interpreted as Dan's company or website that do business in the field of Internet and software.