IceBreak: An advanced web development environment for IBM i™

IceBreak is an advanced web development environment for IBM i™ developed by System & Method International ApS. IceBreak categorized as a web application server and runs on IBM i™ and iSeries.

This web application server has three different versions:

IceBreak allows developers to build and deploy web applications using various programming languages such as C++, COBOL, or even RPG. You can learn more about the technology behind the IceBreak here.

I change my blog theme

A few days ago I change my blog template to more cleaner and simpler template, I change it to Simple template by Josh Peterson. I modify it a little using the Blogger template editor.

I add some custom CSS to the template without hard coded the template XML file. It would be great if the future Danland has the ability to adding custom CSS via theme settings, so we do not need to edit the style.css directly.

Actually I already add this feature in Danland theme but I am not yet published it. Hope soon I can add that to the repository and releasing new version of Danland.

XPS Annotator reaching the 40K milestone on CNET

XPS Annotator is the most popular Windows program I ever made, on CNET this program already reaching more than 40K downloads. I made this small app about two years ago, and now XPS Annotator has become one of the most popular XPS document tool.

The latest version is 1.22, I released it on February 23, 2010. This year maybe I will releasing the new version of the XPS Annotator, the future release contains few improvement and bug fixes.