Move Drupal 7 theme tags else where

In Danland 7.x theme, the tags of an article always printed after the content, and you will not find any code in node.tpl.php that print this tags since this tags automatically rendered by Drupal 7 theme core (I use the default behavior).

Because of no code in page.tpl.php that shown where this tags coming from, than it could be difficult for you to figure it out. Read my comment here to know how.

Dave, you're right!

About a year ago I read an article at CNET News written by Dave Rosenberg, the title is Need a job? Learn Drupal. At that time I was in need of work I can count on, and when I read the article, I am increasingly convinced that Drupal is where I should go.

It was my belief at the time was right, after a year has passed and now I've got a great new job, even my economic condition is much improved after learning Drupal.

Thanks Dave, you're right!