On behalf of PayPal email scam

Today I received an email that essentially informed me if my PayPal account has been blocked and asked me to fill out a form provided in the email sent earlier to activate my PayPal account again.

Here are the contents of the email:

Your account has been temporarily limited. Download and fill out the form to resolve the problem and then log into your account. Thank You.

At first glance it as really from PayPal, but if you examine it further it will be discovered if that email is a scam.

If PayPal wants your data then they would not send the form but will ask you to log into your PayPal account and they will provide the forms that you need to fill on their website after login.

So if you receive an email like this do not fill the form provided. Log in to your PayPal account to find out information about the status of your PayPal account.

Don't judge a book by its cover

The English idiom "don't judge a book by its cover" (common phrase) is also applies to a web development industry. Here is the expression of an owner of the site left by the developer when the website was not 100% completed:

Hello all, I've had a Drupal developer/"expert" pretty much walk away from completing the final steps in getting my IT services site going. He did most of the shopping cart integration (UberCart) and site construction, but has left many little unfinished parts to it. He swore that he was a skilled developer and from his resume, it looked to be the case. Seems his business ethics need some work.

Read here for more details.

From the above quote we can conclude that a resume should not be made as the main guideline in determining a person's ability.

It's SEO time!

Finally I have time to manage my personal website and do some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for better ranking, yes at least for one to two days :)

Domain age that I had just a few months so do not get a PageRank yet (earlier this blog using blogspot sub domain), but I'm sure the next update, this blog will get a fairly decent PageRank. You can visit this blog again when the PageRank has been updated by Google.

What have I done to get a better SERP and PageRank?

Change the page title order of each post. On the standard blogger template, the page title structure is "Website Name: Title of The Article" and I change it to "Title of The Article | Website Name".

Add meta tags on the homepage. I just add meta tags in the form of descriptions and keywords on the homepage. Very troublesome if we add different meta tags for each page and I do not have much time for this.

Getting a backlinks. For backlinks it seems I do not need to bother because I have a few backlinks and its enough for me :)

So let's look at its development a few weeks or months ahead.