XML Paper Specification (XPS) Document

XPS Document is an electronic document format similar like PDF, it provides a single, high-fidelity document solution that supports multiple uses.

Typical uses for XPS document include desktop publishing, word processing, and form layout. The page layout remains the same in all cases, while the document quality maximized to the capabilities of each device. Benefit from XPS Document:

  • Reading, writing and storing XPS Document content and resources as a single, portable, and easy-to-distribute file. You can use Microsoft XPS Document Writer to creating an XPS document, and this XPS Document Writer already installed on Windows Vista and Windows 7. For WinXP and Win2003 users the Microsoft XPS Document Writer is available after installing .NET Framework 3.0.
  • Displaying documents with an XPS Viewer.
  • Support security features, such digital signatures, to provide greater document security. When applied to a document, these digital signatures can help ensure the identity of the author and the validity of the document content.
  • You can adding personal comments and highlight on it (need XPS Annotator installed).
  • Outputting documents in the native print spool output format of Windows Vista.
  • Routing documents directly to an XPS-compatible printer.

Which is the best between Google, Yahoo and Bing search result

Lots people think that Google is the best search engine, and a few search engine experts over the years say that users tend to think Google results are better.

So people will thinking if the result with Google logo will much better then result from Yahoo or Bing logo. Is this just a branding? How if people are just used to thinking if Google is the best search engine? You can try BlindSearch tool to answer all that question. This tool provides results from Google, Yahoo and Bing in three columns but doesn't tell you which column is which search engine.

The BlindSearch tool is created by Michael Kordahi. He work for Microsoft, but he made a disclaimer if the tool is not affiliated with his employer.

You can see what happens when you remove the branding from search engines. Is Google still the best? Check this tool out for the answer :)

Flow Document Writer

"A flow document is designed to "reflow content" depending on window size, device resolution, and other environment variables. In addition, flow documents have a number of built in features including search, viewing modes that optimize readability, and the ability to change the size and appearance of fonts. Flow Documents are best utilized when ease of reading is the primary document consumption scenario."

Flow Document is a powerful document format from Microsoft, the extension from Flow Document is XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language). Flow Document can include many components including paragraphs, videos, images, and more. These components correspond to elements in markup and objects in procedural code.

In Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), XAML is used as a user interface markup language to define UI elements, data binding, eventing, and other features. Here's the best source if you want more informations about XAML: Wikipedia and MSDN.

Creating Flow Document using our Flow Document Writer is a step forward because you don't need to know XAML syntax at all. Our Danet Studio provide a Flow Document Writer (Danet Creator), and you can get this Flow Document Writer for free.

The Standalone XPS Viewer

By default XPS Viewer is hosted in Internet Explorer, and this could be a problems if your default browser isn't Internet Explorer because currently other browser like Firefox, Safari or Opera can't open an XPS Document.

We created a standalone XPS Viewer to resolve this issue, with our standalone XPS Viewer you can open any XPS documents even Internet Explorer isn't your default browser. For our XPS Viewer, we adding some new features including annotations, XPS converter, document properties adder, sidebar, and digital signatures to provide greater document security. Of course our standalone XPS Viewer also support common operation including print output and so on.

Here's our standalone XPS Viewer main features:

  • Allow you to add notes or comments to any XPS documents to flag information or to highlight items of interest for later reference, support for adding text notes, ink notes, and highlight annotations.
  • Ability to converts Microsoft XML Paper Specification (XPS) to an image files (PNG).
  • Support security features, such as digital signatures to provide greater document security.
  • Can adding document properties to any XPS documents (creator, identifier, content-type, title, subject, description, keywords, language, category).
  • Support for common operations including save-a-copy, print-output, copy-to-clipboard, zoom, and text-search.
  • Built-in sidebar for ease of reading. The sidebar contains a thumbnails from all pages, you can jumping from one page to another by clicking the thumbnails.
  • Not hosted in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Great for Firefox, Safari and Opera users.

Find the latest version for our XPS Viewer here.