This blog now has PageRank 8 from 0, the greatest increase ever!

A few days ago I wrote about the PageRank update that occurred on 27 June, and for memories then I wrote again about the improvement obtained by this blog.

As seen in the archive, this blog created since August 2009, and since the month of June 2010, I abandoned this blog and creating new blog with the domain, for this new blog I use Drupal. After five months later I returned to my previous blog and decided to use the domain as a custom domain, you can read the article about it here.

So on June 2010, I registering the domain At that time, the PageRank value of this blog is still 0, even when Google updates its PageRank on January 2011, the Pagerank of these blog remain unchanged.

On June 27th, this blog PageRank increased from 0 to 8, and I think this can be the greatest increase on PageRank history :)

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