Now I was in Drupal Services Directory

Everyone will want to admit its existence, indeed existence is an addictive. Drupal also has a special place for individuals and companies who already admit to its contribution to the Drupal project, the Drupal Services Directory.

There are several aspects that must be met if we want to be listed in Drupal Services, you can read it here. Why is hard for me to get listed in the Services Directory is due to my new membership less than 1.5 years, whereas contributors to consider is at least for 5 years or more with enough contributions.

However, my hard work during a year already meet the criteria required, how much my contribution and community involvement can be found in my previous article about Certified to Rock.

And since yesterday, I was using the name Danetsoft finally listed in Drupal Services Directory and join the individuals and companies worldwide recognized by the Drupal community to its existence. Visit my personal company profile here.