Google going to rebrand Blogger and Picasa

In business, branding is very important, many companies spend a lot of money to create good branding for their company. Recently there is a fairly surprising news that Google plans to retire Blogger and Picasa because of branding purposes, according to Mashable, the rebranding process will coming in six weeks.

If we aware about it, actually the rebranding process has already started a few months ago, starting with the look from Blogger itself, or improvements and additional features on the Blogger platform. Perhaps the name that will be used is "Google Blogs" for "Blogger" and "Google Photos" for "Picasa", yes the name is look weird for the first time but we will be familiar with this name after time passed.

In the past Google has changed the name of a service for branding purposes, Google changing Froogle becomes Google Product Search. Until now, Google itself still denied about this rumour, but let see its development in a few weeks to come.

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