Google PageRank Update June 2011

On 27 June, Google has updated its Pagerank globally. Currently the value of Pagerank is not as important as a few years ago, however Pagerank is something exciting to follow. Google could changed his algorithm on SERP in the days to come, and than give Pagerank to be one of a few important value to improve the SERP, so the safest is to keep trying to improve Pagerank value.

On this June Pagerank update, almost all of my websites pagerank values ​​have increased, the following are the Pagerank value from some of my websites after updated:

  • Pagerank of my personal company site has increased very rapidly, before the pagerank update this website only has PR 4, but now has PR 8.
  • My blog now also has a PR 8, the improvement of my blog is very fantastic because before the PR update happen, this blog only has PR 0. Fabulous!
  • This webiste now has PR 6, previously is PR 5. I got PR 6 for this site, increasing two grade from PR 4.

Improvement also occurred on my Twitter and Facebook page, all rise to PR 6. But the most phenomenal is the increase that occurred in my blog because it rises eight levels, from 0 to 8.

Author: danpros

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