Create your own URL shortener using Drupal

With the growing proliferation of social networking sites, than the sites that provide a services to shortening the URLs is grew rapidly, real example are and Google with

You can also creating similar service using Drupal, simply install a particular module, then your Drupal site can turn into a URL shortening services easily. Below are a few module you can use to creating your own URL shortener:

  • Short URL
  • This module is an API module that allows developers to create short URLs, this module only specialized to the developers.
  • Shorten URLs
  • Shorten URLs module provides an API to shortening URLs using almost any service (the default are 25 services).
  • ShURLy
  • This module wrote for Lullabot URL shortener:

Your own URL shortener is very important if you want keeping your brand in your tweets or status updates.