Now I am a Drupal Certified To Rock 7

I was quite surprised to know that my CTR level currently is 7 which is updated on the 16th of May. Become an active member / contributor about a year and has already reached that level is a fantastic achievement. See the result here.

From the existing data below can be seen that the members of which have level 7 and above is just 216 peoples from more than 80 thousand members, so level 7 is a big WOW! :)

Count of rockstars CTR Level
8 11
9 10
13 9
46 8
140 7
326 6
333 5
801 4
12203 3
41556 2
26577 1

You can read the complete data here.

The point of Certified to Rock is for determining community involvement and not supposed to be a tool to rank developer skill.

Note: The CTR level is updated approximately every 4 months, and the value can change at any time, it might be reduced or increased.

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