Choose a custom Drupal theme with caution

The needs for Drupal developers and Drupal theme makers seem to continue to increase from year to year. This is in line with the growing popularity of Drupal among site owners and companies.

As we already know in advance if free themes for Drupal is still very limited, whereas demand for the Drupal themes are very much. In fact, many vendors popping up and give an offer to create a custom themes for Drupal.

The price of custom themes for Drupal is very varied, from the price of 150 dollars to 3000 dollars or even more expensive. Here I will try to give an illustration how approximately the price of this custom theme when viewed from the quality of the resulting themes.

Price 150 - 450 USD

This is low end custom Drupal theme. You can find custom themes at a price between 100 to 450 USD, but do not expect at this price will match completely with your website.

Price 800 - 1400 USD

This is a mid range custom Drupal theme. At this scale you are hiring a bonafide theme makers, and we can be sure that the themes generated will be fully able to meet your needs.

Price more than 2000 USD

At a price of 2000 USD or more, you will get a theme that is truly unique, big price usually indicates a lot of theme work to be done, such as for sites with many sections that need unique designs. It is highly recommended if you want to make your Drupal theme as well as the brand of your business. If it was for the development of your company then big cost is not a matter.

The point is that the more you pay for a given design, the greater the attention to detail, not only in the look of the theme, but in the quality of the code.

Select a custom Drupal themes carefully, thoroughly well before hiring a theme maker. At least check first what he contributed to Drupal.