On behalf of PayPal email scam

Today I received an email that essentially informed me if my PayPal account has been blocked and asked me to fill out a form provided in the email sent earlier to activate my PayPal account again.

Here are the contents of the email:

Your account has been temporarily limited. Download and fill out the form to resolve the problem and then log into your account. Thank You.

At first glance it as really from PayPal, but if you examine it further it will be discovered if that email is a scam.

If PayPal wants your data then they would not send the form but will ask you to log into your PayPal account and they will provide the forms that you need to fill on their website after login.

So if you receive an email like this do not fill the form provided. Log in to your PayPal account to find out information about the status of your PayPal account.

Author: danpros

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