It's SEO time!

Finally I have time to manage my personal website and do some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for better ranking, yes at least for one to two days :)

Domain age that I had just a few months so do not get a PageRank yet (earlier this blog using blogspot sub domain), but I'm sure the next update, this blog will get a fairly decent PageRank. You can visit this blog again when the PageRank has been updated by Google.

What have I done to get a better SERP and PageRank?

Change the page title order of each post. On the standard blogger template, the page title structure is "Website Name: Title of The Article" and I change it to "Title of The Article | Website Name".

Add meta tags on the homepage. I just add meta tags in the form of descriptions and keywords on the homepage. Very troublesome if we add different meta tags for each page and I do not have much time for this.

Getting a backlinks. For backlinks it seems I do not need to bother because I have a few backlinks and its enough for me :)

So let's look at its development a few weeks or months ahead.

Author: danpros

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