XPS Annotator Book

I found this book accidentally, and it's weird for me because there is a book about my software. So what's wrong with that? I think XPS Annotator is just an ordinary but it's not because there is a book about it :)

I feel glad even this book is not directly talk about XPS Annotator but the technologies used by XPS Annotator itself. Hmm.. very curious about its contents :)

Below are the details of the XPS Annotator book:

  • Title: XPS Annotator.
  • Paperback: 80 pages.
  • Publisher: VDM Publishing House.
  • Language: English.

XPS Annotator is an XPS document management software that allows you to vewing, creating, annotating, converting, digital signaturing, and printing an XPS documents. More on Wikipedia..

Interested about the book? visit this link for more info.

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