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I know the XPS document format in early-2008, I really like tinkering with my computer and accidentally found XPSViewer.exe. I was intrigued and immediately clicking on the .exe file, but nothing happened, why?

Out of curiosity, then looked on the internet and found the answers I was looking for. That is the story of how I know the XPS document format :)

In early January 2009, I released Danet Studio. Danet Studio is a compilation of various kinds of software that is built using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and my first app include a viewer to open XPS format, the name of the viewer is Danet Viewer.

And in March 2009, I decided to make a different version of the Danet Viewer and separate it from Danet Studio, and I give it name XPS Annotator.

In addition to view an XPS format, my XPS Viewer has many other functions:

  • Provide you ability to annotate XPS documents.
  • Can digitally signed your XPS documents for security reason.
  • The viewer can adding document properties into any XPS documents.
  • Ability to convert XPS document into image files.

Visit the XPS Annotator official site if you interested with the software.

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