64-bit version of Danet Studio

Yesterday there was one of my clients send me an e-mail related to the error in one module of Danet Studio, here is the email he sent:

I'm using Danet Studio 2.03 Pro, to merge some (large, total size around 45MB) XPS documents created from the Windows XPS Document Writer, and Danet Merger is crashing when trying to open these files. The process was taking over 4GB of memory! Something is very wrong here. I'm using Windows 7, 64-bit (Home Premium ver), on a Core i7 computer with 6GB of memory.

Actually it is not an error in Danet Studio itself, but for now Danet Studio does not yet support 64-bit operating system. And the solution I provide is to install a virtual machine on his computer like Microsoft Virtual PC, VMWare or Sun's Virtual Box.

The days-future, I will try to make 64-bit versions of all my software. Hopefully I can get the equipment to make it soon became a reality, because my current development environment only support for 32-bit operating system. :)

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