Microsoft plans Windows 8 in 2012

Age of Windows 7 was not yet 1 year, but Microsoft is aiming to release the Windows 8 in the year 2012.

This rumor originated from an article from the Microsoft Kitchen Blog, the article shows the roadmap which clearly visible on the list in 2012 is the timeframe for Windows 8's release.

There is no additional information, only shows a plan from Microsoft, and Microsoft also has not issued an official statement about this news. However, there are signs to over there, it can be seen Microsoft has started to recruit talent to build their new operating system is. At the beginning of this month, a list needed work at Microsoft indicates Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Group would begin focusing on Windows 8.

Looks like this time Microsoft is making SP1 for Windows 7, and plans to release the beta version in January 2010, for OEMs in the summer and to the public in the fall.

In connection with the sale of Windows 7, Microsoft claims that sales of Windows 7 is now more than two times compared with the operating system ever. Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer said Microsoft is off to a "fantastic start" with Windows 7.

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