Signing an XPS Document using XPS Annotator

XPS Document support security feature such us digital signature, this digital signature can help to ensure the identity of the author and the validity of the document content.

"How to adding digital signatures or signing an XPS documents using XPS Annotator?" To sign the XPS Document, your system must have an X.509 certificate manager installed such us for use with a SmartCard. Here's the step to sign your XPS documents using XPS Annotator:

  1. On File menu, click Signatures (Ctrl+8).
  2. Click Add Signature Definition.
  3. Fill the form on Signature Definition window then click OK.
  4. Click Sign, choose the certificate on the list (if no certificate is installed then no list is visible).
  5. Click Done.

Note: In our next release we will try adding a popup information when no certificate is installed. So wait our next release :)

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