Firefox XPS Viewer

The main function from XPS Viewer is to open or view an XPS Document. Everybody know if XPS Document is new document format from Microsoft (similar PDF format).

The weird things is about the way they promoting their XPS Document, why creating an XPS Viewer hosted in Internet Explorer? and need Internet Explorer is the preferred default browser to open an XPS Document? Ya maybe Microsoft planning to use XPS Document and XPS Viewer as an "Ace Card" for Internet Explorer so Firefox users will start using IE, but not that simple isn't? What a bad strategy against PDF format! After lots complain about the limitations then Microsoft releasing XPS Viewer EP (not hosted in Internet Explorer), but with limited features like no Digital Signature support. Not again!

But thanks for Microsoft for that strategy because after that we creating a standalone XPS Viewer, of course with no limitations :)

We adding new feature in our XPS Viewer like annotations, sidebar, documents properties adder, XPS to Image converter, and Digital Signature. Support common operations including save-a-copy, print-output, copy-to-clipboard, zoom, and text-search.

Yes, this is a Firefox XPS Viewer because you can open an XPS Document even Internet Explorer isn't your default browser.

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