XPS Annotator reach the 80K milestone on CNET

XPS Annotator is a freeware to manage XPS documents for Windows OS. Until today already downloaded more than 80.000 times on CNET and become the most popular XPS documents tool (third party software).

This free tool does much more than the native Windows utility, but it's just as easy to use. XPS Annotator is recommended to anyone who handles XPS documents. Reviewed by CNET Editor.

The next milestone is 100K of downloads at CNET site only, and predicted if XPS Annotator can reach the 100k of downloads next year. XPS Annotator is highly rated by CNET editor and they give the XPS Annotator rating with four and a half stars and recommend it to anyone who need a software to manage XPS documents.

XPS Annotator can't print specific page

Current version of the XPS Annotator (version 1.22) will not allow you to print specific pages, you must print the entire document, this is XPS Annotator 1.22 limitation.

In the upcoming release, this problem should be resolved. It has been more than a year I did not update my software to a newer version, why? I never received a complaint that there is an error in the XPS Annotator, so could be considered if it has been very stable.

I will release a new version if there is an error fixes and feature additions. For a reminder if XPS Annotator has reached 50K of downloads on CNET.

XPS Annotator reaching the 40K milestone on CNET

XPS Annotator is the most popular Windows program I ever made, on CNET Download.com this program already reaching more than 40K downloads. I made this small app about two years ago, and now XPS Annotator has become one of the most popular XPS document tool.

The latest version is 1.22, I released it on February 23, 2010. This year maybe I will releasing the new version of the XPS Annotator, the future release contains few improvement and bug fixes.

XPS Annotator is more Sharepoint friendly

I found an interesting facts related to the XPS document on Sharepoint, you can read the issue here. He is using Microsoft XPS Viewer to open and digitally signs an XPS document but he found the following facts:

  • XPS documents are not signed while the signing process has been done before.
  • The XPS document is locked on a server.
  • All document properties (metadata) are set to its default values.

He assumed that this was because Microsoft XPS viewer uses XPS document location for its temporary files, while updating the document it creates at least two temporary files in Sharepoint library, thus resulting in problems such as above.

But when he used the XPS Annotator, he did not experience such problems like when he used the Microsoft XPS Viewer. So can be concluded that currently the XPS Annotator is more Sharepoint friendly.