XPS Annotator reach the 80K milestone on CNET

XPS Annotator is a freeware to manage XPS documents for Windows OS. Until today already downloaded more than 80.000 times on CNET and become the most popular XPS documents tool (third party software).

This free tool does much more than the native Windows utility, but it's just as easy to use. XPS Annotator is recommended to anyone who handles XPS documents. Reviewed by CNET Editor.

The next milestone is 100K of downloads at CNET site only, and predicted if XPS Annotator can reach the 100k of downloads next year. XPS Annotator is highly rated by CNET editor and they give the XPS Annotator rating with four and a half stars and recommend it to anyone who need a software to manage XPS documents.

Drupal 7.8 released!

Drupal 7.8 released and available for download worldwide. The Drupal 7.8 is a maintenance release that contains many bug fixes, and no security fixes or new feature added.

There is an important note if you are upgrading the Drupal 6 installation to Drupal 7.7 but using the multilingual sites feature, you will find if the node bodies displayed as empty, read this page to know the story. And this issue already fixed in version 7.8.

You can read the release note for complete list of all bug fixes, and download Drupal 7.8 here.