Create your first Drupal module using a module building helper

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Today I found an interesting Drupal module, Module Builder. This module will generates a skeleton for a module with hints on how to fill it, very useful for a newbie and seasoned developers to learn... more

Metropolis through a psychological phase

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As a new theme, Metropolis has been through a psychological phase in which users had exceeded 500 sites. From here can be assessed if the theme gets a good response from the Drupal community. The... more

How do I increase my PageRank from 0 to 8 easily?

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I am writing this because I ever promised to share how I raise the PageRank of my blog easily from 0 to 8 for, or from 0 to 6 for that was still less than two weeks... more

Add jQuery pngFix into Danland 7.x

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To fix PNG transparency in Windows Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6, Danland 6.x use jQuery pngFix by Andreas Eberhard, for the 7.x version of the Danland theme, I get rid of this jQuery plugin. And for... more

Metropolis 6.x-1.3 and Metropolis 7.x-1.2 released

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Today we releasing Metropolis 6.x-1.3 and Metropolis 7.x-1.2. This release intended to fix the JS problems that causing some modules not working properly like IMCE and CKEditor. With this release we... more using Drupal

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Drupal is very popular among government, many government websites using Drupal such as,, and others. Not just among goverment, but Drupal is also very popular among... more

Google updating its PageRank again on August 4th

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On August 4th 2011, looks like Google updating its PageRank again, I found some of my sites PR increased. This is unconventional, does Google changed their habits that are generally updated its... more

The state of Drupal 2011 survey

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Dries yesterday made an announcement about State of Drupal 2011 survey. This survey is crucial, since it will guide thousands of people in the Drupal community over the next two years. If you care... more

Domain hack is a pleasure

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Domain hack is a pleasure, even domain hack could be a lucrative business for the domainer, because sometimes the prices can be much higher, i.e. compared with prices. Domain... more

Danland reaching the 8K milestone

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Yay! Danland reaching the 8K of users. Every week the users of Danland increasing, maybe its because of Danland is so easy to modify and very stable, like you can see if I release the stable version... more