Create your first Drupal module using a module building helper

Today I found an interesting Drupal module, Module Builder. This module will generates a skeleton for a module with hints on how to fill it, very useful for a newbie and seasoned developers to learn how Drupal hooks work.

Below are the feature of the Module Builder:

  • Provide a sample standard hook function declarations and a default module header.
  • Saves your times to remember what arguments and what order different hooks use.
  • The module will automatically selects any hooks based on your needs.
  • Option allows you to turn on and off informative comments.
  • Automatically parses available hook names.

This module sound very promising, if you have a busy time so do not have much time to read Drupal documentations than this module are worthy to try.

Module Builder created and maintained by Joachim. Visit the Module Builder project page here.

Add jQuery pngFix into Danland 7.x

To fix PNG transparency in Windows Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6, Danland 6.x use jQuery pngFix by Andreas Eberhard, for the 7.x version of the Danland theme, I get rid of this jQuery plugin.

And for those of you who want to add jQuery pngFix into Danland 7.x, you can follow the steps I've made here. I just improving the existing codes in Danland's template.php.

Note: remember to clearing the Drupal cache after you've done with it.

Metropolis 6.x-1.3 and Metropolis 7.x-1.2 released

Today we releasing Metropolis 6.x-1.3 and Metropolis 7.x-1.2. This release intended to fix the JS problems that causing some modules not working properly like IMCE and CKEditor.

With this release we confirmed if Metropolis already very stable since until now we only receive one bug report and the bug already fixed.

Download Metropolis 6.x-1.3 and Metropolis 7.x-1.2.