My own URL shortener

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Yesterday I launch my own URL shortener and use the Dot IM domain for this purposes, a three letters domain name. Since this is an online links dictionary so I pick DIC as the domain name. On... more

Now I am a Drupal Certified To Rock 7

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I was quite surprised to know that my CTR level currently is 7 which is updated on the 16th of May. Become an active member / contributor about a year and has already reached that level is a... more

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Yesterday I had purchased Dot IM is a National Top Level Domain of Isle of Man, a self-governing crown dependency located Within the British Isles, and the authorities are, the... more

The meaning of Danetsoft word

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Name is very important thing, I always choose a name with caution and not rush in deciding what name would I use, likewise in choosing a website and company name like Danetsoft. So what is the... more