XPS Annotator can't print specific page

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Current version of the XPS Annotator (version 1.22) will not allow you to print specific pages, you must print the entire document, this is XPS Annotator 1.22 limitation. In the upcoming release,... more

Danetsoft on social networking sites

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Social networking sites are a powerful tool to enhance your company branding, with the better known it can increase customer confidence. Therefore, a few days ago I made ​​an account at social... more

Library: A Drupal module for librarian

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Creating a loan library site using Drupal is straight forward since lot of modules that can helps us to creating that. We can use popular modules like Views, CCK, Content Access, Date, and Rules. But... more

Firebug Lite: The must have web development tool

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Lots of questions and issues that made ​​for a contributed themes on Drupal.org related to the changes in layout and CSS, and most questions actually can be solved by your own with just... more

Google Adsense quite promising

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I always like new things, last year I decided to try Google Adsense in one of my website that is www.xpsdev.com. You can read my post about this. There are interesting things here, after several... more

Moving my Drupal sites into new server

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Yesterday I moved my Drupal sites; Danetsoft and XPSDev into new server, previously I use U.S. based server and now I use Indonesia based server in Jakarta. It took me one day to moving all the data... more

MailChimp: Another Drupal newsletter solutions

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Module are commonly used for newsletter solutions in Drupal is Simplenews, very cheap since Simplenews sending the email from your own server. But what if the number of subscribers reached more than... more

Work from home

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Telecommuting is a work that workers gain flexibility in terms of place and time. Telecommuting can be done from anywhere, such as houses, cafes, or other locations. Like the motto often pronounced... more